Premium Toilet


The Premium toilet, supplied by Toi Toi, a leading portable sanitation supplier in Malaysia, is an elegant, luxurious portable toilet for rental that is a notch up the usual fare, making it an excellent portable toilet choice in a variety of events for treating the VIPs. The Premium toilet comes with a bigger compartment, bigger flushing tank and also bigger towel dispenser. Like all other portable toilet for rental at events, it features an easy-to-clean interior and large integrated vent for better air circulation, ensuring the interior stays fresh even after repeated use. The Premium toilet unit is solar powered, thus saving the hassle of having to install a power supply.

Width (m):
Length (m):
Height (m):
Weight (kg):
Tank Capacity (liters):
Average Usage:
1 toilet maximum 125 persons (daily service)
  • Air Conditioner (Kindly contact sales personnel for more information)
  • Hand-wash sink
  • Integrated Fresh Water Tank
  • Foot Pump Flushing System
  • Towel Dispenser/ Tissue Holder
  • Patented High-capacity Spray Soap Dispenser
  • Solar-powered Incandescent Lighting
  • Built-in Trash Receptacle
  • Self-closing Faucet
  • Switch Mat Activation
  • Weather Proof Carpet
  • Full Length Wall Mirror
  • Mirror
  • Ventilation Window
  • Ladies/Gents Sign
  • Coat Hook
  • Daily service
  • Standby cleaner
  • Delivery and collection by our company vehicle
  • Fast and efficient high-pressure cleaning
  • Fresh water supply for toilet water tank
  • Regulated disposal of waste water at sewage plant
  • Provision of toilet paper roll
  • Dry cleaning
  • 24-hours emergency service
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