Rainbow Toilet Fresh Flush


This portable toilet is suitable for construction site used. It is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is durable under hot weather and heavy rain. This toilet consists of special designed window and vent pipe which provides good air ventilation in the toilet. Squatting and sitting styles are offered. It is the favorite choice among the portable toilets.


Rainbow Toilet Fresh Flush is:



– Function well under hot sun or heavy rain.


– This toilet featured with Easy-to-Clean interior and also provides good air ventilation.

– Deodorizing chemicals are used to maintain fresh smells of the toilet.

User Friendly

– Flush system is operated by an enclosed foot pump offering a complete hand free system.


– Sharp and attractive rainbow series of colors.


– Can be located anytime and anywhere.

Width (m) :


Length (m) :


Height (m) :


Weight (kg) :


Tank Capacity (liters) :


Average Usage :

Long-term(1 month or above) – 1 toilet 6 – 8 persons (weekly service)

Interior :
  • Hand-wash sink
  • Foot Pump Fresh Water Flushing System
  • Toilet roll
  • Ventilation Window
  • Mirror
  • Coat hook
  • Shelf
  • Urinal
Service :
  • Packaged with weekly/daily service
  • Delivery and collection by our company vehicle
  • Fast and efficient high-pressure cleaning
  • Fresh water supply for toilet water tank
  • Regulated disposal of waste water at sewage plant
  • Provision of toilet paper roll
  • Dry cleaning
  • 24-hours emergency service
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