Our Mission

At Toi Toi, everything we do is inspired by Our mission and values.

To increase environmental awareness to employee as well as customers

The equipment that Toi Toi offers is not only backed by our superior service, but also by our commitment to environmental care.

Our environmental features :

  • All portable toilets parts of HDPE are completely recyclable
  • Re-use and re-cycle parts and consumables wherever reasonably practical
  • All waste water is transported to government authorized collection centres
  • Effective bio-degradable deodorizers free of irritating chemicals
  • High quality toilet roll made from sugar cane pulp

We Are Different From The Rest :

Unmatched Experience in Designing Portable Toilet

We never stop coming out with new toilet models to cater different setting. All the toilets are specially design according to standard and suitable for ranges of users.

Smart Truck

Our smart truck is specially designed for toilet cleaning purpose. It is equipped with the odor control feature to ensure odor free during the wastewater pumping. The aluminium holding tank provides the smart and shiny look of the Smart Truck.

PDA Service Report

It is a report generated through PDA, complete with date and time the service was done. It is very convenient, clear and fast and this report can be generated within a minute of time.

Assets Maintenance

We ensure the toilets, cabins, and trucks are in top condition in terms of appearance and also facilities. Not only that, we also ensure that the service crews are well trained and equipped in order to provide tip top and professional service to the customer.

Environmental Friendly

We care for the customer and also the environment. We produce and provide green toilet rolls made of sugarcane pulp for every service we visit. Besides, the service procedure is according to the law and disposal of wastewater was done at the permitted sewage plant. Not only that, the chemicals that we use are 100% biodegradeble.