Toi Toi & Dixi Profile

Toi Toi is a division of ADCO International, the world leader in portable sanitation and site accomodation with locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Founded in 1973, it has been Toi Toi and Dixi misson to provide our consumers with superior restrooms and professional hygiene services. From point of contact, to our cleaning and wastewater pumping service, to our restrooms and service vehicles, we use the latest technologies and top quality “state of the art” equipment. Whether you are looking for a clean durable restroom for your construction site or an upscale V.I.P. restroom or trailer for your special event or corporate function; Toi Toi can accommodate any portable restroom application. Remember we don’t just refill the toilet paper and evacuate the tank, we pressure wash the restroom inside and outside on every service visit.

Market Leader

Our Asian companies began renting and servicing portable toilet in 1999. We have tirelessly persued the best toilet design including;

  • 3G Squatting type, the first truly fresh water flush Asian style portable toilet.
  • Premium 6m Cabin Restroom, luxury cabin toilet for 2000 users per day.
  • 3m x 3m Cabin Restroom equipped with airconditioner and shower room that connectable to our 6m x 3m Cabin Office.
  • We are professional and experienced

    With more than 40 years experience, we are confident and well committed to get the job done. Our operation teams are dedicated and well trained to carry out the service for you. We are providing full set service, from delivery, service to dismantle the unit from your site. With Toi toi team, you can count on us and we ensure good customer satisfaction.

    We service, We care, We MAKE SURE

    We focus on every single aspect related to the portable toilets. From toilet types, service equiment used, service crew, to the amenities of the toilet. Because we care, we aim to provide the best service to our customer.

    What does Toi Toi Care about ?

    We care about the GREEN ENVIRONTMENT : we use high pressure water jet in air cleaning service process, less water is needed bot the toilet gets cleaner

    We care about YOUR NEEDS : so we provide different kinds of portable toilets to suit different kinds of occasions. And the most important thing is – we are supplying FRESH WATER flush toilet !!

    We care about the HYGIENE : we use imported bio-degradeble chemicals to protect you and the environment.

    We care about your COMFORT ; we produce and provide GREEN toilet paper, purely made from sugarcane pulp.

    We focus on SAFETY at site : our safety officer is inspecting the toilet condition as well as service quality provided from time to time, to ensure that our customers are getting the best service.

    Environmental Care

    Toi Toi is playing it’s part to preserve the environment and you. We are using green toilet paper which is made from sugarpulp cane and it provides a softer feeling. The toilet paper that we provide in our portable toilet is definitely ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY !

    We offer the RIGHT PRICE for the RIGHT SERVICES
    That is the reason why you choose Toi Toi Services as your long term business partner.